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Green Membership

We are proud to introduce and invite you to become the GREEN MEMBER, a new environmental membership program created by Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants (GCEEC). The membership benefits are designed to offer you, personal & professional benefits and also rewards.

Around the world we are seeing evidence of negative human impacts to our shared environment. Pollution, habitat and climate change dramatically affected by day today actions.

Countries, communities, businesses and people are taking notice and we need everyone support to improve our environment for our children and their children.

As a Green Member be voicing your support for Environmental issues and will be part of the growing and dedicated group helping people around the world, especially in the East. After becoming  Green Member you will receive on new environmental laws, green development projects, green business trends, volunteering opportunities, green job postings and educational. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and you help!

Green Crescent Environmental engineering are filled with environmental professionals that want to help and understand the growing needs of the society and our social responsibility. Our green professionals will provide additional benefits to green members by providing environmental workshops and newsletters to empower our community and gives you the tool to make a difference.

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