What are synonyms for creeping Charlie? It is a member of the mint family that might occasionally be seen as a garden perennial, particularly in its variegated form. creeping Jenny . alehoffs. It also invades woodlands. When used as directed, it controls broadleaf weeds in lawns. oprol evorter August 9, 2019 at 6:53 pm. Synonyms for creeping Charlie in Free Thesaurus. Although to get rid of the creeping Charlie is difficult, but it can be done with the right chemical. Killed the Charlie and he lawn came back stronger than ever. Synonyms for creeping Jenny in Free Thesaurus. No sooner does the snow melt and Charlie is poking his head up and awakening from his winter slumber. It is very resilient and adaptable, which means it can quickly become a pesky, stubborn weed. After all, ground ivy is a fairly hardy plant and it grows well in areas where ordinary lawn grasses wouldn’t normally work. L. var. Every time I smell it I smile, because it makes me think of grandma. Creeping Charlie is another name for ground ivy, a creeping plant that is found in many backyards and fields. Alternate Scientific Names: Glecoma hederacea L. Glechoma hederacea . Photos and Pictures; Stems and Roots; Flowers and Fruit; Habitat; Similar Species; Related Links. The vine can easily move from one lawn or area to another. Creeping Charlie adapts well to all soil types except heavy clay soil, but it performs its best in fertile loam soil rich in organic matter. Glechoma hederacea is a perennial weed in the mint family that spreads by seeds, rhizomes and creeping stems that root at the nodes. Other Names; Family; General Description. Plant Identification – Stems, Leaves, Roots and Flowers. Alternate Common Names: creeping Charlie . Creeping Charlie leaves produce bright, shiny green, round or kidney-shaped leaves that are broadly cordate and have scalloped margins. Controlling Creeping Charlie Creeping Charlie, ground ivy, gill-on-the-ground, creeping Jenny – it doesn’t matter what name you call it, this is a weed that’s diffi cult to control. Some of the names you may know it by are: Glechoma hederacea. I took this photo in my back yard. 3 Comments. Identifying Creeping Charlie. Creeping Charlie has creeping stems and very fine hairs all over the plant. The plant easily reproduces from seeds and also regrows from small cuttings, which causes rapid spreading. Place Charlie in containers. Sometimes the leaves may appear to be tinted purple, especially the under side. Gill-over-the-ground. L. var. micrantha . 3 synonyms for creeping Charlie: creeping Jenny, Lysimachia nummularia, moneywort. Occasionally, it can be rolled into bales of hay and accidentally ingested. There is some state forest land not far from the Metro that has some wonderful plant life, including Jacob's ladder, bloodroot, blue phlox, wild ginger, trilliums, and other beautiful native woodland species. This is some of what I found! A: Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea), also known as ground ivy, creeping Jenny and other names we cannot print here, indeed creeps with long stems that root at the leaf nodes. Several types of plants get called creeping Charlie, including Swedish ivy and Lysimachia nummularia (aka Creeping Jenny or moneywort,) but the nuisance plant we’re talking about is Glechoma hederacea. House . Leaves are opposite on square stems that root at the nodes. The perennial plants have kidney bean-shaped leaves with scalloped leaf margins and small purplish blue flowers. Ground ivy has a long history of use in alternative medicine and as an edible herb, dating back to the first century A.D. it was long considered a panacea (cure-all). parviflora (Benth.) Creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea) is also known as ground ivy, gill-over-ground, or cat’s foot, among other common names. E-mail; Facebook; Twitter; Best Lawn for Iowa. Thus borax is not recommended for creeping Charlie (or other broadleaf weed) control. While getting rid of the creeping charlie weed is difficult, if you know a few tips and tricks about how to get rid of creeping charlie, you can beat this annoying lawn invader. Glechoma hederacea is usually known as Creeping charlie and Ground ivy; Malva sylvestris is sometimes known as Creeping charlie usually known as Common mallow or High mallow or Tall mallow I mixed a much stronger solution than the instructions said. Creeping Charlie. I finally tried Spectracide Weed and Feed. field balm . Though only mildly poisonous, a large amount needs to be ingested to produce symptoms such as slobbering, sweating, and problems breathing. Proper timing is the key if you want to kill creeping Charlie with herbicides. Alehoof. Edible Herb. Leaf veins rise from the same point and they have palmate veins. Moric. Alternate Names . Other Names: Ale-hoof, Cat's foot, Creeping Charlie, Gill-over-the-ground, Gillrun, Hay maids, hedge maids . 3 synonyms for creeping Jenny: creeping Charlie, Lysimachia nummularia, moneywort. Offer valid on the same plant and the same transaction only. If one of these chemicals doesn’t do the job on the creeping Charlie in your lawn, try the other. The leaf surface has sparse, short hairs. Creeping charlie is the common name for an evergreen, creeping weed called Glechoma hederacea. I tried everything under the sun. It wasn't only as a healing herb that perennial ground ivy, our omnipresent lawn weed (Glechoma hederacea), was prized (see picture at right). Successfully killing creeping charlie is the dream of most homeowners who like a nice lawn. Work a few inches of finished compost, leaf mold and manure into a flower bed to increase organic matter for creeping Charlie grown outdoors. The perennial plants have kidney bean-shaped leaves with scalloped leaf margins and small purplish blue flowers. cat’s foot . Early Saxons used Creeping Charlie in the making and clarifying of beer, prior to hops being used. haymaids . I can find a load of other names for it and uses for it but no explanation of it's name! Research has shown that a creeping Charlie population in one area may be more susceptible to a particular herbicide than it is in another area. The creeping charlie plant is rivaled only by dandelions in terms of difficulty to get rid of and control. Nepeta hederacea (L.) Trevis. At one point, two thirds of my lawn was taken over. Used a handheld sprayer and really wet the "lawn" down with no rain scheduled for the next few days. However, since boron availability in the soil depends on soil type and pH, it’s difficult to determine just how much boron should be applied in any one place. Due to its bitter taste, horses commonly avoid this plant. Creeping Charlie is a low growing plant, often found under trees and in shady areas in all but four states in the United States. Cat’s foot. A: Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea), also known as ground ivy, creeping Jenny and other names we cannot print here, indeed creeps with long stems that root at the leaf nodes. I also suffered with Creeping Charlie! Creeping Charlie grows natively in the Caribbean, and it may be considered a weed in your yard, but it is also used as a houseplant. Glechoma hederacea . Creeping Charlie is resilient, and it will grow back from the smallest pieces of root that you leave behind. Gillrun, Hay maids. When I started the charlie ran all the way across the yard from lot to lot, this stuff works but do your research first as this may not be for you. gill over the ground . This post-emergent formula is designed for killing all kinds of ivy-type weeds, including spurge, as the name suggests, and others like wild violet, Oxalis, chickweeds, creeping Charlie, and many more. Common Name: Creeping Charlie, Mint Charlie Family: Lamiaceae pH: 7 CO2: Not Required Growth Rates: Medium Difficulty Level: Intermediate Nutrient Substrate: Required Lighting Requirements: Medium-High Share. I hope someone else knows the answer to your question! Creeping charlie is a common name for a couple of different species of flowering plants:. Common Name: Creeping Charlie, ground ivy, gill-over-the-ground, alehoffs, cat’s foot Hardiness Zones: 2 to 12. Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer only valid for Pack of 1, not to other bulk, wholesale packs. Having many beneficial properties, this lowly plant can help stabilize soil plus provide a range of home remedies; the leaves have been used as a pot herb for centuries. Synonyms for creeping in include infiltrating, penetrating, insinuating, invading, percolating, permeating, pervading, slipping, sneaking and winding. Antonyms for creeping Jenny. Antonyms for creeping Charlie. A: Creeping Charlie (Glechoma hederacea), also known as ground ivy, creeping Jenny and other names we cannot print here, indeed creeps with long stems that root at the leaf nodes. It has attractive blue flowers, … Creeping Charlie happens to be extremely sensitive to boron, so supplying more boron should be detrimental to it more than other plants, such as grass, that aren’t as sensitive.