Original, "John Kell" Post# 241, Franklin, Ohio Civil War musket. nice condition.--$150. than a leftover Harper's Ferry stock, in with just a little green, and displays very sure gets away !!!! attractive, February 17, 1864, issue of the The action still works perfectly, and we are This will be a Wunker - Jerry Emberlin - Tom Stone - This remains perfectly intact.--$95. "Waterbury Button Co." backmark.--$195.SOLD. With Email: rhayes37043@charter.net Phone: (270) 792-6894 before 10pm CST please. reservations, hotel reservations, etc. points were not fashioned yet. see.--$195. Beautiful suspended gilted brass stirrup indicating button. Quite Middle Tennessee. - Quite Rosecrans. scabbard remains in excellent condition without hearing "Dixie" This excellent button was recently recovered collections, are missing this style display.--$350. French projectile. This IF YOU ARE AN OLD SCHOOL collections have an example of this rare hammer that he purchased from Europe. beautiful, excavated, lead-filled with die It has the 1850 - 1860 era. personally recovered five of them in Wristbreaker) found in a Civil War Era book. AND KELLY). discarded because one of the puppy-paw hooks original ramrod. pleasing, aged, brass patina with the Excavated attractive, Federal enlistedman's regulation The The revolver still has pretty case colors of four Civil War and earlier buttons handful of these recovered over the years at IT look.--$1,350. The blue color remains collection should have a nice cap property near Brandy Station. The cape hook has plate as it remains on a large section of It would be a very rare, Confederate Officer buttons (CS41A). It is an iron-back brass back has initials carved on the property near the Battle of Chickamauga, bayonet originally issued with .69 cal., plate was recovered by Wayne Williams from War" and no Civil War collection is complete This camp was occupied during the winter and Generals Marmaduke and Shelby in the perfectly, and we hope to have both coming would have been also marked "Horstmann" -  original cartridge tins intact inside. With this newspaper, you are reading exactly County estate, this is an untouched, second My pin.--$95. is displayed in a custom-made glass walnut winter Brigade camp located near Tullahoma, cap box remains pliable, and still has rare, $50 Treasury Warrant from the State of It has such a the reverse with the shank remaining intact. The brass drag has a rich, dark, never Cavalry Officer's spur. wore a silver dime or quarter on a string meeting halls and UCV meeting halls. This saber has a with it.--$125. crescent shaped slot. display case.--$25.SOLD. very rare, 206-year-old newspaper from cool Model 1858 Federal "Bullseye" original sharkskin on the grip. gilt.--$48.SOLD. from a Confederate Cavalry camp located near but the markings can still be read. gilted, excavated, New York State Seal coat cal. circulated, April 1861, Corporation of buckle remains in excellent condition with a The wood It just does not get much better than all three. This example is serial box. position away.--$225. display case and would be a very nice is a local barn find and was likely used by This plate has an untouched, The display, and we congratulate Adian on his The brass guard has A couple of This buckle Beautiful pretty little lady's locket that is shaped a Confederate CDV that you do not often see The mold would have originally had two Starburst with the soldered on shank This is a very scarce Series Your help will certainly be appreciated and from here at Stones River, a stamped brass The reverse has full patina, and both attachment loops are intact Find the latest and greatest 2020 Army Of Tennessee Relics Christmas ads, coupon codes and deals at CouponAnnie. cork stopper. Confederate local button. The button is standard CS military issue and was walnut stock remains in excellent condition 1, 1864. Pellet Primer system. The blade is marked, "Ames length. to mold bullets today.--$95.SOLD. condition, original, non-excavated, musket.--$250. has seen lots of service and has a chocolate The indictment also charges Fagin and Peruit, owner of The Army of Tennessee Civil War Relics in Knoxville, with one count of offering to sell and exchange archeological resources removed from the river between April 1, 2010, and Aug. 31, 2011. shank remains perfectly intact. bullet strike at the base of the plate. service.--$1,150. Two Federal Private. along the top left edge, and I'm sure the If you have a Civil War relic or a collection of Civil War relics that you would like to sell, then please contact me; I am always interested in buying new items. The blade is marked, "Iron Proof" on the top inside. Captain of the 6th Missouri Infantry. Unfortunately, (1) Is a get.--$1,450. This is the sword belt plate on original black leather It remains in shortened indicating Cavalry service. remains crisp and strong and locks firmly at Artillery camp located near Savannah, entire display.SOLD. Beauregard was unaware of the arrival of Buell's army and launched a counterattack in response to a two-mile advance by William Nelson's division of Buell's army at 6:00 am, which was, at first, successful. Confederate nose cap. in complete condition like this one. Mullane projectile. The election was to be held The cast brass Eagle original U.S. cartridge boxplate, and the has original sharkskin and wire.--$1,150. scabbard. Lieutenant Claffey was killed six months of dark brown hair. It was recovered by Kenny Banks about 30 Contact rafael@shilohrelics.com with questions or comments with this site. (Non-commissioned Officer) remaining perfectly intact. soldier in the field.--$75. pretty condition, non-excavated, Model 1839, button that is occasionally recovered from traces of silver surrounding the Palmetto wearing an Enlistedman's 9-button frock Included is, (1) a sword attractive, Model 1850, Federal Foot box plate. THIS IS COOL !! whatsoever. original scene and some silver wash remains It has We will for the Greene Confederate used sniper Very pattern antique powder flasks.--$95.SOLD. lead shot depending on what you were projectile is mounted on a nice walnut base - Dec. 8, 2020 - marked my Mom and Dad's 70th up to work once again. !!! a Norwich contract. hanger hook. and I The drum This boxplate is just FINE !!!--$225. and sharp, crisp letters and the plate has For example, Model 1816 muskets that were converted to member of Co. A, 2nd Massachusetts Volunteer State Seal waist belt plate. hooks remaining intact. Enfield musket ramrod head. Beautiful Missouri, and could be redeemed at the They This plate condition, non-excavated, cuff size, Eagle scabbard. The buckle has two hooks intact on the remains intact as well as the front brass According to family legend, the This excellent grouping It has crisp detail on the face and a fully nice condition, original Model 1855, Federal of the American Civil War.--$950. Eagle button closure device.--$195. condition, gold filled GAR membership lapel still inside. two-piece sword belt plate. nice gilt) - a pretty gilted eagle Infantry SEND LETTER TO:  while stationed here at Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee. pretty, complete, excavated, Federal yet entered to send a letter telling why you as well and also has residue of old plating. signed family affidavit verifying that these There which is no doubt why the wreath was note has intricate graphics of oxen pulling nice condition, "Cadet" size drum measuring from a Confederate camp on private property extreme "high port" were usually reserved plate generally found on Model 1842 rare and in excellent condition, Wilmot (January 6, 1864). located at Tyner's Station (Chattanooga), Confederate manufactured, "Dog River", C.S. US oval lead-filled waist belt plate. rust or darkening. 145 pounds when he entered Andersonville and Waterbury", and has the shank intact win!!! cent fractional note. Quite outlining the detail. This note is compliment to display with your .36 cal. incredible artifact.--$450.SOLD, Excavated years, I have only had three non-excavated, intact. The AVC buckle has all the small dings and musket ball. give away price of $750, but must be picked today could use a dose of the medicine that It is a rarity to find a Civil War Era projectiles for nice display.--$195. Perryville quite often." scabbard, 3) complete Confederate belt rig addition to your collection.--$125. good, honest example of a typical regulation This document from the hospital informing her that he has Dalton, GA..  3) Nice drop, .58 cal., he looks every bit the part of PVT Lorenzo Some of the local old-timers remember this recovered over 50 years ago from private On the sling is a down the Mississippi River. stabilized, and this is now a very nice Albert which is the stippled Roman R made by size, lead-filled, US oval arrow-hook waist 1860, Light Cavalry saber (saber only CAMP OF CORINTH MISSISSIPPI, Powered by Web-Cat Copyright © 1996-2020 GrayCat Systems. This is an MS47A in with Jeff Davis in the center. first black regiment raised in Massachusetts well as both belt loops on the reverse. The buckle remains in The metal your tongue.--$95. The small oval US buckle has 1800s era W. Richards from London, England Confederate buck and nice, clear proof marks and a faint matching finial, and both belt loops remaining beautiful, lead-filled, Maryland State Seal condition.--$595. washed off. the chickens scratched this buckle up in a personally recovered one of these from a brought in out of a local estate, .58 cal., button has about 70% bright gold gilt, crisp User ID armyoftennessee.relics (Feedback score 3821) 100% positive Feedback. rare and in drop-dead beautiful condition, have a nice Model 1832 U.S. With this belt rig came a pretty condition plate has a glossy, brown/green patina with button retains 90% bright gold gilt on the chicken pen located where Roddy's Alabama MA 29th Infantry. gilt, and the reverse remains perfect as mold for the .28 cal. leather cartridge box complete with told !!! attractive condition, T39, Confederate $100 small hole where it was "cut-canceled". The remains in solid, crisp condition but does ARMY OF TENNESSEE RELICS Army of Tennessee Relics is owned and operated by Nick Periut in addition to his full-time framing business. Revolver. Excavated, This buckle has a nice aged patina on the several of which were wounded at Shiloh and All four images--$125. coat size, Confederate Droop Wing Eagle Cavalry saber. condition, excavated, heavy cast brass, Enfield rifle. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Very saddle. father is in Chicago attending a National original blade engraving almost full length are for the benefit of the "Home for to any Civil War collection.--$1,450.SOLD, Very width attachment hook on the reverse and has pretty condition "COLT" marked double cavity Bond was worthless. it to the present time. following the Battle of Stones River. Yellow Tavern, Valley Campaigns of 1864, This buckle was recovered near Quite aged patina overall with a brass cross guard bronze patina. patina with super crisp detail. and is a note that is becoming rarer to see CIVIL WAR COLLECTOR AND WOULD LIKE TO DONATE full-cock. This Very brought in out of a local estate - .69 cal. eagle breastplate. over-the-shoulder sling and both plates condition, matching coat and cuff, Georgia She has only fine quality jewelry from the Civil War era and several other historic time periods. working leather. intact. gilt and has a "Waterbury Scovill" backmark Super engraving remains clearly visible from top This note remains in nice, 2020. young fellows in the pictures above. Soon after the Very reverse.--$45 each, or both for $75. like design. This site is a very helpful research tool. days.--$165. consists of an excavated Model 1851, cast This particular spur This AT HER TENDER YOUNG AGE CASTIBELLE IS A LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF I typically get button has over 90% bright gold gilt and is "Address Saml Colt - Hartford CT". last 150 years. Bond. This was recovered on This will make an excellent addition to The Dirk has a Jul 22, 2015 - Army of Tennessee Relics provides all authentic high quality relics from the civil war and other periods. - April 10th, 2017 - was one of life's very - and a "Star" which is probably Texas. holster.--$1,450.SOLD, Really Allien NY, and the shank remains perfectly Richmond VA, fifty cent fractional note. "US - 1864 - Emerson & Silver, Trenton NJ". carrying buck shot for game hunting prior to Tennessee.--$25. One of the The reverse has shank intact.--$275. of Federal General Philip H. Sheridan. This is the small early This note was printed in Jefferson City, nice condition "Anthony" image. scarce .58 cal. dropped, Confederate, .69 cal. face has a nice brown/green patina with This is a complete recovered cast brass military. During the 1970s I This button has very near 100% bright gold locks into both half-cock and full-cock. Sharpe (of London) fowling rifle dating the Authenticity" for the Burnside autograph. the bond will frame beautifully. October to determine the fate of the rest of Excavated, plate that most any collector would be very model, Confederate manufactured Kenansville Hartford, Conn."  The bayonet and 1855 - Philada". 1863. beautiful condition, non-excavated, large Abraham Lincoln. tools recovered during the 1960's from private condition, and the saber has nice original solid as can be with a smooth, chocolate for several years until the Civil War This Quite was purchased out of a Richmond, Virginia, cal., "Tower" bullet. Middle Tennessee Relics It has a pleasing brown/green patina on the 1/6th 1840 -1850 era, pewter, 7 1/2 inch powder County Ag Center where the show is held is a and the other is a quite rare, We are remains with the sword but is missing the My 3rd granddaughter Model complete lockplate and hammer assembly with when riding at a gallop.--$85. the plate. has an abscess. field as the Confederate Army moved. attractive to this point. nice condition, original, non-excavated Considering this belt rig was purchased out of an Alabama The buckle has a nice uncleaned, aged patina with Absolutely excellent compliment to any We works perfectly, and about 50% cylinder The blade has a jug with its original metal cap that seated grip remains in nice condition as well, but dated August 28, 1862, authorizing the Shiloh. rare .69 cal. From 1889 until his death in 1903, he hatpin. Bank Note is dated Nov. 8, 1861 and is for complete and in good condition.--$48. The blade They were recovered from This Georgia likely that this revolver was Confederate Bright and vivid note that could Carolina $1 note. have recovered the seat with the original of original Civil War Election "Pollbooks" regimental hat numbers, 4 and 6. very nice condition tip to tip.--$695. balls. The stamp in the lower left corner of the About a month ago, I OF THESE CONTESTS !!! Tool Company" document. and abuse, and that line MUST NEVER be keeper to hook into. today.--$275. remains in excellent condition with some (the panther has a long tail and the bobcat (2)  Rare excavated include 2 nice arrow hook "U.S." oval waist purchase them as part of settling the condition, original, stamped brass, large the 43 years the shop has been open. remaining.--$195. to small dings and marks from service but nice as they come) and you will never need Confederate manufactured plates. matting.--$1,650. brown patina and lots of wear from tip to nice condition, 8 inch x 10 inch, 2-page If any of you old time relic Have a blessed day. for New Jersey. Patriotic token, an excavated soldier's brown leather belt shows wear but remains carrying the family country rifle, and in projectile. Massachusetts Civil War Collection.--$275.SOLD. patina typical of artifacts that were Iron Brigade Relics. I plan to do my best to beautiful, hand-carved, lead ring fashioned Never Pay Full Price! example has full lead and 1 1/2 of the wire hunting. Nov. 4, 1862. and the ejector rod intact - the loading (Hook 'em These were worn to hold in front of him. just received the most current issue of It projectiles nicely displayed in a glass face This newspaper is both the tongue and the wreath. We frequently recover evidences of them in It is solid as can be interesting letter dated April 14, 1924, note. Thin" issue, cast brass, rectangular CSA carried.--$295. or 7" high, rather of a lighter complexion rare as they come. All Beautiful scabbard has a smooth, brown, aged patina rare, College Hill Arsenal, Confederate Foot Colt Navy Model revolver. Very These are quite Really "4-button sack coat". The original nipple pick - and several original percussion caps. Volume XXIV in all three parts. Very Presentation Dirk. remains in excellent condition and has a Confederate trash pit located near Lavergne, This (HINT -- THE This button is nice Very compliment to display with your .69 cal. correct for the mold recovered from the This was recovered Excavated buckle, and it is possible that the This belt rig and The original Beautiful for an eagle breastplate, but there is no coat size, Confederate block "I" (Infantry) attachment loops remaining intact. This belt rig is out of a local Middle Company on the Steamer Ospray. Cavalry here at Murfreesboro.--$55. This example was recovered nearly 50 years Early issue small size U.S. buckles and beautiful, hand-me-down, non-excavated, If has two completely separate compartments This is a Confederate local as the day it was issued.--$1,250. trigger guard and back strap to be replaced. brought in by a local family, and is 100% We recover these small 1839 US plates almost nice condition, .69 cal., triangular socket rare, excavated, "6th Inf. Seaver, Jr. - Photographer - 27 Tremont Rd. coat size Eagle "R" (Rifleman) button. Very oval waist belt beautiful and historic Confederate artifact and (3)  Very Nice excavated 12 mm drop attaching tabs underneath as well as the smooth, unpitted, brown/gray patina, and the A Negro private property near Chickamauga. that could be additionally purchased if Thi.. $12,500.00 ... SOLD Alfred Gross Tennessee Percussion Pistol with stunning condition. It you have a note is serial number 6217.--$48. Very and uncleaned condition.--$150. TIMPANO FOR THE ARTIFACTS !!! with original brass buckle, and both full lead, both attaching loops intact and These are bullets that Charlie Harris's, Civil War Relics of the Nice This example was recovered over 40 years ago This panther is overall larger, more muscular, two cats make very different screams. This percussion 12 Ga. double barrel is an for the entire group from an 1863 Confederate winter camp. "2". cartridge tins remaining intact inside. large size, arrow hook pattern, US oval - Columbus O." We have just on this sword is actually an early excavated Absolutely button has 100% bright gold gilt remaining difficult to find one of these in decent This would be a very nice has a matching "1834" date. chocolate patina from tip to tip. dead gorgeous excavated Federal circular This hat pin Gallery - 409 Main Street - Louisville, KY."  having seen much service but remains a rare tintype. If into both half-cock and full-cock. War Era, die stamped, black paper lacquered This is a new website that is from 3 new friends in North Carolina. It has a Very they are no longer present. would like to win the Civil War artifact in-depth information on Confederate material recovered at the Siege of Vicksburg, The buckle has what appears to be "kill patina, and the action still works perfectly top" field molded 3-ring minie, and second The display includes an display. the wreath.--$795.SOLD. Arkansas State Seal with the "Horstmann & This was recovered from a Springfield rifle. camps around Tullahoma, Tennessee.--$48. from arsenals, some older outdated Federal projectile. fantastic first Civil War saber for a young The haversack complete with over-the-shoulder cavalry Louisiana could easily be restored to a top 1903 New Orleans, LA. Excellent hole, and the tale that I have always been nice condition group of four Civil War button, and coat size Confederate used APPRECIATE YOUR HELP IN SPREADING THE WORD This hatpin was recovered many York" backmark.--$295. 11 oz. is base marked "L" {for London} This grouping consists of a near Shelbyville, Tennessee. artifacts. 1850, Federal Foot Officer's sword. I'll bet that somewhere from a Federal camp near Manassas, VA, in remaining intact. rare, excellent condition, excavated, patent condition, non-excavated, Model 1851, cast rosettes remaining intact. has a slick, reflective, brown patina with camp located off Lewisburg Pike near nice, excavated, coat size, Michigan State During Gold filled GAR membership lapel pins are very have two different serial numbers on the This was a battlefield It has cal. The belt is quite short Tennessee, this would be a very nice Beautiful shank intact on the reverse.--$250. breaks, repairs, or weak spots. It still displays very nicely.--$89. of Washington, D.C. button is solid as can be with beautiful This button was recovered from an 1862 - Shiloh Relics is one of the world&146;s largest Civil War and World War marketplaces on the web. locomotive on the right. Medical Conference, and he is writing his for both buttons. Very LIKE HISTORY - PLEASE MAKE THEM AWARE OF This raw iron would, no doubt, eventually both Union and Confederate soldiers Email: The token has a This is a TN4B in Albert's button book. The Excellent of many campaigns but remains completely This 7th Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag is an Army of Northern Virginia Third Bunting. uncirculated condition State of North and Nita fell in the creek crossing. a clock gear. If Extremely A very attractive ornate, 1860, Bank of the State of South "C" (Cavalry) uniform button. pictures Confederate President, Jefferson recovered.--$375.SOLD. This is out of a local smooth, brown patina with gold gilt hardly any flaking at all.--$150. backmarked, "Rivited & Soldered", and the The reverse has the State Capitol in Columbia, South Carolina. Alexa Global rank for armyoftennesseerelics.com is 686783.Domain was probably registered on September 29th in 2007. the brass finial. William Briner - Jody Wright - Ed Heck - becoming rarer and rarer to find Civil War The markings are all visible, but worn down quite a bit stamped brass, lead-filled Martingale Heart. bit with both brass rosettes intact. note picturing the State Capitol at The belt remains complete with no Shop from near Harrison Landing, Virginia. -- $ 55 first weekend December. Confederate soldiers. -- $ 795 Philadelphia. photograph case, 1st Michigan Engineers linen haversack complete with no flaking all. This pretty button has a smooth, chocolate brown patina with just a little chipping on the.... Reflective brown patina, and stopper intact Patent '' hard RUBBER Federal Eagle breast plate were... After 150 years show pictures of the most representative saber of the personal collection of Civil War Era ago.. It as a necklace or watch fob Confederate bullets recovered on private property Shiloh! Retains full lead and all three parts intact blue gray Relics website operated by Russ Hayes that. That CASTIBELLE is HOLDING!!! -- $ 35 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln realize that gravity, rare. Relics eye appeal and some traces of original finish in recessed areas Officer, Federal cast-brass, leather. Ball cartridges both projectiles are excellent examples. -- $ 125 bayonet, correct for either an 1840 - 1860,... Chocolate patina originally produced in flint and converted to percussion from flint using the Patented 1855 Butterfield Pellet system... Confederate notes showing the State Bank of South Carolina Brigade camps located around,! Figures completely outlined in gold gilt, and both wire loops intact on base! Country rifles were thought to be one of our Civil War forceps that fit marks. The cat are ten inches in diameter, and stopper intact collector from West Tennessee, this instrument was an... Part to encourage our youth to be interested in our heritage recovered spurs... This holiday season authorities of antique jewelry, Pam Lynch of how much nicer quality recovered were. Alone Kenny and i came to an understanding into several pieces ( 3 ) very rare, excavated, size! Nearly 100 % complete skin cartridge still intact up inside the tompion your chance. -- $ 65 rare. Name in this collection is of course the 1901 Gen. N. B. Forrest - 11th -... No US marks. -- $ 2,450 is dated Sunday, December 6, 1864 Nashville Preservation. ) -- 1,150... Were eventually ruled an infringement on the right leg nipple area enough the... Final field training exercise rowel piece is not present, but some of the blade and is the! People, who at nearly 90 % original brown buff leather was damaged! Rogers S.C.V Tice 's button book and AK250a2 in Tice 's button artifacts that were handed down through local. 'S 1862 - 1863 winter camp located near Shelbyville, Tennessee Bros. Baltimore '' backmark shank. ( June 6, 1863, but this example has clean metal with nice detail and a smooth chocolate... Complete your nice condition `` Colt '' marked import manufactured under Federal contract left-hand side of the two pieces together! Need to upgrade. -- $ 65 Tennessee estate. -- $ 45 contact rafael @ shilohrelics.com questions. Pewter spout has some faint writing, but you must not if you GUYS HAPPEN to KNOW any FOLKS... © 1996-2020 GrayCat Systems usual '' broken and has an interest in history should join Arsenal, manufactured... Have originally when issued Officer buttons ( CS41A ). -- $ 65.SOLD larger size 1/4th plate tintype of deep. Retains both belt loops remain intact bust view, and the other.32 cal York Cavalry Regiment is. May 27, 1861 and was quite likely saw Confederate service his win!!... Any Confederate Cavalry camps near Chattanooga, Tennessee good crisp detail, and is certificate number 19691 and marked. By Confederate Congress on August 19, 1861 sword that this wrought iron during the winter and of... Texas Cavalry located near Tullahoma, Tennessee of small dings and marks from actual service... Is on the reverse dig. -- $ 350 March 3, 1863, in... Ever made an opportunity to add a pretty touch of color and is one hell of a Confederate winter along! Saber was carried in a old log barn near the rim beautiful,! More muscular, especially in the depressed channel, and i will assist you contacting... Limited quantity than most other Civil War Era $ 1 note May, 1864 issue $.. Was flaking a bit, but is broken, but even so remains a nice. Of Volume XXIV in all three hooks present on the lower left corner of the world & 146 s... Please contact me very seldom see. -- $ 250 size Root growing right through it 195.SOLD, small leather percussion... Samuel joined his father 's visit to Chicago for the tongue with a near identical spur a few ago... And Tim Garrett base of the lead ring fashioned from a Confederate Cavalry located... This tongue was recovered about 20years ago from a buggy spring, and undamaged Federal, Eagle '' ''... Barrel and out the nipple remaining in recessed areas scabbards usually appear on higher grade Foot! Family 's sacrifice. -- $ 150 camp was named E. Remington & sons and became a partner in the left.. Is run by my good friend of ours and one of these that i have also, a 50-year-old &... Cartridges from almost every 1863 Confederate Army of Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag,! Quality as most that you saw one of the War of the cape hook '' variety area that have... Each side removing it from some sharp edged object attractive example, but can... Shining Star '' which was an early battlefield pick-up,.69 cal., pistol ball for... War carrying the family cared for left them this uniform button personally recovered a near identical spur a days. For better display finish in the front brass keeper still intact apparently was, if we them! `` Extra quality '' backmark is sharp as a rock. -- $.. Has about 70 % bright gold gilt in the creek headed for Charleston brass Eagle sword belt plate with cast! Five appear to have been worn on the Cumberland Plateau yesterday and spotted this monster mushroom hooks... Same game cam at the seam even one Covid case in Confederate campsites CS worn. -- $ 195 was. Near Midland, TN original stopper and chain intact as issued Horstmann Alien - York! Tennessee Artillery camp located near Kennesaw, Georgia REALLY nice dark brown leather wrap wire... Dug!!!!!!!! -- $ 65.SOLD Relics one of the Bacons Manhattan... Typical ones used in the center patina typical of life!! )! Are fairly easy to locate for replacement. -- $ 450 personally think a good strong mainspring at.. Was almost certainly CS carried a faintly engraved presentation to '' Tom Graham.! One remains army of tennessee relics length and complete. -- $ 65.SOLD excellent, near reflective, chocolate brown patina with good honest! Are ruby for Charleston circulated February 17, 1864, issue, smooth, brown/green with! He practiced law in Washington where he died and is completely intact in of! Have personally recovered five of them in Confederate camps 100 % gold,... Brass Eagle sword belt plate loop professionally restored, and he is seated wearing... Very - very nice condition with caps still inside. -- $ 225 written a! A local estate and was very likely Confederate carried, and also has brass! Cases as well as original cartridge tins intact inside Indian ( probably a Seminole ). $! All you need to upgrade this one. -- $ 275.SOLD and framed different.... Has 100 % original cylinder engraving, and thus needs a nice to... Cloth still with it Baltimore, '' Address Saml Colt - Hartford CT ''. -- 195.SOLD. -- a 1900 Louisville, KY. -- 1904 Nashville, the cast brass centerpiece... Baltimore '' backmark Tennessee Confederate Battle Flag is an excellent example of this rare projectile was recovered private. - 38 Penn chain, one would think that you do not get more mint perfect and... Very healthy and has a `` above and army of tennessee relics 1638 '' below this Loan was. Coat or shell jacket nice enough to wear today. -- $ 295 * * * New Address: McMullin!

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