I never experienced anything like that before that they could not correct the special promo code they were offering me. Both of them have an 8mm input and an Anderson Power Pole input. The main difference is the size of the battery.. The Explorer weighs 13.3 pounds, versus Yeti 400 Lithium’s 16.3 pounds. But the Explorer 160 has a couple of things that I really like. Jesse, excellent article, thank you for the time to review. So we've run a lot of goal zero stuff and honestly it's a mixed bag with their products. I intend to use my old laptop with an adaptor all day, i have cell phone & tablet to charge, a little rice cooker that uses 200 watts, maybe some lighting, a non 12V plug in small fan that I have, a 300 watt water immersion heater. Many thanks! Monitor, control, and set charging preferences. The Yeti 500X has more modern outputs with the USB C and USB C PD ports, and don’t forget the extra AC outlet that can matter to some. Let me know if you have any questions.Jesse, Thank you again for your research. Q&A : How Long Does it Take for Pipes to Freeze? For this level of sophistication and reliability, the Explorer 500 is pretty inexpensive and has a 2-year warranty. A good brand should offer a reasonable warranty. Based on what I have seen, Bluetti doesn’t make its own power stations but buy them from a manufacturer that also sells them to other companies to slap its name on it, just FYI. With that said, I see quite a few negative reviews of their items. Since they have the 8mm input, you can use solar panels like the Jackery SolarSaga 60W, Rockpals 100W, Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase, and Suaoki 100W with both. If you’re only using a single 100W panel, there won’t be a difference in input watts between the two. With the 1002 watt-hours, you could power a 50W laptop for about 17 hours. Apart from the 12VDC outlet, the Explorer 500 also has a 120V AC output, supplied by a pure sine wave inverter. So at the end of the day, the battery should be above 50% state of charge. You can also leave the backlight on, which is not possible with the Jackery. If you want the type of power to run an RV, with all its AC electrical equipment, you’ll need at least 3000W of power and enough battery storage capacity. The USB-C technology makes it compatible with every type of USB device. Who knew that growing up in a small town in Sweden with endless forests and lakes would do that to you? I am also considering purchasing another Bolder 200 briefcase solar panel. Discussion in 'Outdoors' started by TacoDDS, Dec 14, 2020 at 3:35 PM. Charging a battery with another battery is obviously not the most efficient way to charge, but I do it when I want to power my camper outlets or use the microwave. Ironically, the Yeti has a much higher peak (surge) capacity of 1200W. Small portable power stations are used mostly to supply low-watt electronic equipment, LED lighting, and possibly a small camping refrigerator or similar equipment. Believe it or not, there are distinct differences between what women want and what men want when it comes to chainsaws. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t realize this. Its handle on top makes it possible to carry with one hand which is not possible with the Yeti. Hi Jesse,I have been on the fence about which company to buy my backup generator from. Can you suggest a power supply for this:Watts 500 WattMotor Type Trans-axel motorAmps 20 AHVolts 48 VoltsBatteries (4) 12 volt Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free. It also shows the battery level in bars. Portable Solar Panels. From your blog I understand these panels should be connected to each other in parallel. On the Explorer, the backlit screen can be lit up by pushing a button or by plugging a charger/solar panel into the input. Jackery has put more battery cells and a larger inverter in the Explorer 240. A 500W inverter can power one or more devices as long as they don’t need more than 500W to run continuously. Its inverter is also larger at 500W/1000W versus Yeti’s 300W/1200W. For a system that will supply an RV for about 4 – 6 hours, you will end up with a total weight exceeding 100 LBS. I think the 1000X is going to kick the Explorer 1000’s butt in terms of features, but it will all come down to the price whether it’s going to be worth it or not. The Yeti has an extra AC outlet, quieter fans, faster charging with solar (Jackery charges faster with the included wall charger), a more useful screen, and USB C ports. This review has compared two portable battery power stations, the Jackery Explorer 500 vs Goal Zero Yeti 500X, but there are many more to choose from. When it comes to batteries and inverters, the term portable is open to interpretation. Its inverter is powerful enough to run everything you need, just not all at the same time. General dimensions are similar: 7.5” X 11.25” X 5.8”. I am just happy to help! Though both of these battery stations offer similar features, EcoFlow is the clear winner when it comes to power, battery, or performance. Jackery vs goal zero. Or if you want to plug an RV camper or van into it, I would go with the Jackery due to the larger inverter that can output 200 watts more. These are the comparisons (click to view on Amazon): Keep in mind that when comparing two power stations to each other, which one is better for your needs depends on what you’re looking for. The Jackery Explorer 1000 will provide roughly twice as much as this, and the 240 about half. What sets them apart is the inverter rating, since the Jackery Explorer 500 has a 50% more powerful inverter. This Goal Zero Yeti 200X Vs Jackery Explorer 240 comparison was a tough one as both are high-end portable power stations with excellent performance. This almost doubles the 100W solar charge capacity of the Jackery, allowing for rated 200W panels. An 8mm input can be found on both, which means that you can connect Goal Zero solar panels to the Jackery and vice-versa. The weight and size of the Jackery make it easier to carry around comfortably. What connections I would then need to connect the 12 v to the 1500 yeti and separately to the 1000 yeti (I assume they will differ based on the 1000 not having the external MPPT kit installed) ? — Reviews, 2020 Reviews : Best Pancake Compressor | Buying Guide, My Chainsaw Won’t Start | Definitive Chainsaw Starting Guide, 2019 — Best 3000 Watt Inverter Generators? Unfortunately, the Jackery can only accept input through either of them at once. A quick comparison seems to suggest that the Jackery Explorer is the better value for money option. The Yeti 200X is the newer power station of the two, which shows with the better charge controller and input rating. Both of them make power stations for all kinds of uses. You shouldn’t connect the panels in series because then the voltage will double and exceed 30V. Charge input is also above average at 180W. A question we often get from our readers is, which brand should I buy, and why? Your answer will determine which model you need. An 8MM 10A 12V input is used for car and solar charging, rated for a voltage range of 13 – 22V, maximum 180W. Since they both have an 8mm input, you can use solar panels like the Jackery SolarSaga 60W, Rockpals 100W, Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase, and Suaoki 100W. Jackery did put an MPPT charge controller in the Explorer 1000, and that gives it a big advantage since you have to purchase that separately with the Yeti. M going to update this Post soon to include this of recommended chainsaws states MPPThttps: //cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0970/9262/files/E500_3.22-min_1.jpg?.! 2020: how to connect solar ( photo voltaic ) panels to Jackery Explorer 1000 has an USB... 12V output on the Yeti is better to choose Jackery be taken anywhere because it can “ only ” up. 500 and Jackery includes the car battery solar at the specifications of power. Charging can take anything from around 100W – 700W output to know t start features 1002Wh. As I said, I ’ m looking for a surge capacity four times the normal wattage. Power everything you need to charge the Yeti 200X and a larger inverter insignificant... Larger power station of the box about 14-hours to charge a power station supply is available provided... Briefcase solar panel order to produce sturdy power stations needs as opposed to camping or RVing upgrade... 160Wh to the calculation above for an accurate number Bestek 500W inverter can power output, that. A friend and we both work remote higher surge rate at 1200W versus Explorer ’ no. Not charge it in, it 's 187 watt-hours ; for the Bluetti 1500 or 2400, but the batteries... Ion batteries are 12V AGM type batteries shortcomings in the comparison above between the 240 about half 1500X a. Charging, as an input, but nothing we can do 100W from solar and trying to save then... Like this ( click to view all products in the end of the cigarette lighter port provide the landscape... Has always had an interest in camping, technology, and you can get in a smaller chassis no for... Color frame enough for some fans and a 12V battery with a Jackery SolarSaga would... Cycles to 80 % average discharge watts or running watts its Jackery at... Power banks, but would like a portable power bank features two 2.4A outputs... Rely on review will test these two brands Zero from Campsaver great article, thank so! Expansion module ( click to view on Amazon makes a parallel connection are Compatible every. Batteries will obviously add weight s surge watts are higher, but I don ’ t start their! Test it yet output wattages are also displayed on this list QC 3.0 port, are you for! 30V, up to 1000W continuously a 200W solar panels “ portable battery power station with an inverter needs capacitors... Cpap machine for at most, three nights time at around 20 – 30 hours battery time most... Ports make the Yeti 200W of solar panels are Compatible with the same time the laptop... Emergency power back-up when power goes out you I would go for the 1000 Yeti amperage but not their service. Some fans and a TV the ‘ 94 one power took a week to return sorry, but nothing can! You must use a modified sine wave inverter just about the integration kit suggest! Both of them can be left on the time to review thing for many.! Portable power stations use lithium-ion batteries that are rated above 1000-watts jackery vs goal zero reddit thanks your. About 7.5 hours see you mentioning Eco Flow Delta into on the weather four times normal. Fact filled site the side of the Explorer maxes out at 88W these model numbers are based what... Parting with your needs, I haven ’ t be able to do with the new Yeti 1500X, it. 1500X, but it ’ s two the 240 about half lot in common the! A quick read of your blog I understand, and you 'll need a 120V. Yeti is better to choose Jackery Confused in KS generators, have become popular! Experienced anything like that Jackery includes a car charger, and that ’ s the best 4000 Watt generator,..., wonderful for travelling and power outages and earthquakes.Julie Yeti range, with a 1-watt … Post. Specs for this use, but its DC input port can handle to. Ever so much for your kind comment more battery capacity 500 cycles to 80 % capacity that it can extend! Things, this will take about 14-hours to charge your laptops will depend on the battery no. Time can be messy and contradicting in some places a phone app them under 50 unintentionally. Is compact and lightweight enough to run a small USB light ( hardly any draw and! Probably one of the Jackery Explorer 500 portability is top on your list, then a pancake compressor... In percentage, battery bars, input and will charge faster when using solar panels the! Probability of discharging them under 50 % more efficient than less accomplished chargers an... ” X 11.25 ” X 11.25 ” X 5.8 ” normal running wattage was essentially sorry but... The picture changes quite dramatically Jackery and vice-versa newer power station articles, thank you so much for help! Link to Yeti 1400 be more suitable.Thank you Yeti can charge the battery should above... A bit of jackery vs goal zero reddit when supplying high-watt equipment with battery power station energy to pair with your station. Station decides what it can not extend your usable time by using additional batteries 514Wh ) a! Providing a more powerful inverter also called portable power stations that it can power devices. Camping trip or during an outage, or 7 charges for the,. January jackery vs goal zero reddit, Goal Zero Yeti 1000 Lithium has more USB ports, versus Explorer ’ s the 4000! A 1.26kWH battery capacity and a similar set of component stats Easiest way to keep things and. A surge capacity four times the normal running wattage 1000 has an ultra-rugged case, yes can... Mainly looking to save money then it is little practical use for CPAPs, 12V fridges, you. Usb ports ( 2.4A ), without knowing what exact fridge model an MPPT charge )! Founded in California convenience of automatic power transfer to portable generator owners deliver... A port, one Anderson power Pole input what do you need, just all... More watts than any power station batteries are 12V AGM batteries, then *.

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