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Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants  is an inspiration of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s (Founder of the UAE) will and vision for a greener and sustainable environment for the country and its people. We are a growing consultancy company for Environmental Compliance that offers inspection, testing, investigation and advice to customers through an unrivalled range of technical expertise and accredited services. We provide environmental consultancy and compliance support in each of the Emirates to meet the specific requirements for each Emirate. GCEEC believes that quality is critical to our business success and we are committed to the principle of continual improvement throughout all areas of our business.

We offer our services in the following six broad areas related to Environment, Health and Safety:
  1. Environmental Studies and Assessments
  2. Sustainability / Green Building Consultancy
  3. Environmental Monitoring and Testing Services
  4. Health and Safety Consultancy
  5. Waste Management Consultancy
  6. Trainings


Pollution and poorly planned expansion are some of the greatest problems facing the world today and for future generations. The Middle East has had remarkable growth and development over the last fifty years and while this growth has contributed positively to the region’s economy and quality of life, there is an increasing threat and the environment as man-made pollutants are being released in to the environment.

The U.A.E., however, is fortunate to have had in their midst a strong leader,  with a strong will and vision for a greener and sustainable environment for the country and its people. This vision continues to develop with each of the Emirates actively pursuing initiatives for the conservation of the environment and its natural resources. As each Emirate has their unique issues there are different rules, procedures to comply with the increasing environmental requirements.

Logo Concept

Our logo has been designed to reflect the concept behind our filosophy which is to make this world and the environment that we live in, a much better and greener place.

The black sphere underneath the green covering portrays the current state of damage to the natural resources in our environment attributed by pollutants. The green covering over this black sphere reflects a resolve by societies, businesses and people to overcome the challenges and threats that are facing our environment and the success of this resolve lies in the collective commitment of the community at large of which we aim to be significant part and growing force over the coming years.

This vision is shared by everyone in the management and staff at Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants where we all strive to serve the environment by providing environmental compliance solutions to companies who share the same endeavor and commitment to serve the  its natural resources.

Vision & Mission

Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants aims to be the environmental consultancy of choice for its clients all over the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the GCC countries.

At the same time it is our goal to be the company for which every environmental professional wants to work for and contribute towards our vision in helping clients to develop the professional capacity to prevent and minimize their organization’s environmental, health and safety risks liabilities.

Our exceptional team of consultants, engineers and marketers will make this happen by continuing to be innovative, consistent, and ethical while providing quality services to our clients.

Mission Statement

GCEEC is determined to be the benchmark of quality within our industry by being the most innovative, diversified environmental consulting firm in the United Arab Emirates. To achieves this position we have become a customer-orientated enterprise, committed to technical excellence with significant resources devoted to building an array of new products and services.

We will provide inspirational leadership in 
environmental strategy formulation and stakeholder partnerships in solving environmental problems. We shall apply environmental laws with integrity and fairness in the process of conducting environ-legal and due diligence audits and identifying environmental risks and formulating mitigation measures.

GCEEC Are 100% committed to our clients and the environment.

Corporate Philosophy

We devote ourselves to applying professionalism and most appropriate technologies to develop workable and effective environmental solutions.

We value committed employees dedicated to providing innovative and excellent services to the clients. We strive towards the provision of exceptionally sound solutions that promote a balanced and sustainable development for the emerging and ever changing global environmental challenges.

Quality Policy

Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants are in the business of helping our clients succeed. We deliver some of the most challenging projects in the environmental industry.

We work in teams, advocate for clients and solve complex environmental challenges around the world. We have a passion for what we do - for being the best we can be. We’re constantly striving to push the “performance” bar higher.

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