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• Why to become a Green Member?

We won’t have a society, if we destroy the environment. To protect environment is everyone’s responsibility. Environmental protection is a practice of protecting the natural environment on individual, organizational or governmental levels, for the benefit of both the natural environment and humans. Green Crescent Professional help the people around the world specially in MIDDLE EAST new Laws ,Development ,business Job Educational benefits.

• Why volunteer with GCEEC?

People from all different backgrounds and with a variety of reasons, do volunteer for us. Our volunteers range from students to professionals. We have students who come and give their time to learn new skills and advance their employability. The reasons are many and some just simply give their time because they want to help to protect environment. We’re just extremely grateful their time, effort and commitment towards environment.

• What will I get out of Volunteering?

You can learn new and develop existing skills, getting valuable work experience. Volunteering is also a fun way to make friends, meet people and can help to build your confidence. Our volunteers are the best ones to share with you what they get from volunteering.

• Who can volunteer?

Depending on your circumstances anyone aged over 18 can volunteer with us.

• How much time do I have to give as a volunteer?

What’s great about Green Crescent volunteering is that there is lots of choice, including how much time you give. For some it’s helping regularly, whilst help once in a while. Just sign up today and we’ll be in touch to get you started.

• Will I receive a Membership Card?

Yes. You will receive a membership card from GCEEC valid for one year, loaded with benefits when you finish your enrollment formalities.

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