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ADEC and ADWEA partner to promote sustainability through education, research & development and innovation
Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority (ADWEA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which aims to enhance cooperation between both sides in many fields including education, research, curriculum, joint initiatives, and water & electricity conservation campaigns. This comes in line with ADEC strategy aiming to encourage entrepreneurship among school & university students, while focusing on energy-related techniques. This also highlights ADEC keenness to promote sustainability as envisaged in developing modern school facilities that were established in accordance with the highest international standards pertaining to environment sustainability, reduce carbon footprint, reduce consumption and apply best EHS standards and practices across all ADEC schools.
In the presence of H.E. Shaikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Butti Al-Hamid, Chairman of ADWEA, the MOU was signed by H.E. Dr. Amal Abdulla Al-Qubaisi, Director General of ADEC, and H.E. Faris Obaid Al-Dhaheri, ADWEA Director General.
Dr. Al-Qubaisi said that ADEC seeks to promote innovation & creativity and develop human resources, initiatives and research projects that are on top of ADEC priorities to achieve a knowledge-based economy to keep up with goals & objectives of Abu Dhabi Economic vision 2030. “ADEC has laid education rules & principles for sustainable development and underlined education towards sustainability on top of its priorities”, added Al-Qubaisi.
ADEC DG pointed out that the MOU with ADWEA reflects ADEC plans, programs & initiatives aiming to develop student’s skills and knowledge. Students are the most important category for a sustainable future and optimal use of our resources and capacities to achieve a brighter future that is aligned with the plans and strategies of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. “This leads to the ideal reality of a balanced and comprehensive student in terms of knowledge, skills, and behavior”, Al-Qubaisi added.
Al-Qubaisi added that ADEC aims to promote the Green School concept and increase awareness on environment preservation and rationalization of consumption in order to provide a sustainable learning environment.  “The Sustainable Schools initiatives carried out by Abu Dhabi schools has succeeded in reducing water consumption by 54%”, pointed out Al-Qubaisi.
H.E. Mr. Faris Obaid Al-Dhaheri, ADWEA DG, said that this MoU comes in line with Abu Dhabi Government approach to enhance cooperation among the various local entities and institutions to achieve the goals Abu Dhabi Economic vision 2030 aiming  to develop the education system and promote sustainable development.
“The MoU comes in line with the directives of H.E. Shaikh Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Butti Al-Hamid, Chairman of ADWEA, to qualify Emirati manpower, enhance their skills & knowledge, promote innovation & creativity and encourage entrepreneurship while focusing on issues related to Abu Dhabi water & electricity sector” added Al-Dhaheri.
ADWEA DG pointed out that the mutual cooperation aims to encourage students and staff to identify the challenges facing  Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Sector,  explore appropriate solutions, carry out  awareness campaigns to preserve natural resources, protect environment and encourage sustainable lifestyles.
Under this agreement, ADEC and ADWEA will work together to identify and plan joint initiatives in the field of research, development, exchange of technical & scientific information. Moreover, work with educational institutions to develop and promote water & electricity conservation campaigns targeting their students and staff, aiming to raise awareness broadly on environmental challenges facing Abu Dhabi & UAE and work towards encouraging and creating sustainable lifestyles.
The MoU states that both parties shall cooperate with Abu Dhabi educational institutions to develop C3 and tertiary education curriculum while focusing on issues related to water & energy generation, transmission and distribution aiming to encourage students monitor challenges and explore solutions to issues facing water & energy sector in Abu Dhabi.
Through its multiple relationships with Abu Dhabi educational institutions, ADEC shall link ADWEA to these institutions to enhance various areas of cooperation, as well as support ADWEA to identify institutions and programs that will help strengthen the cooperation.
ADWEA shall provide students with the opportunity to work with ADWEA or water & electricity sector. Moreover, it shall cooperate and coordinate with ADEC to offer scholarships to students aiming to encourage them pursue their studies in Abu Dhabi water & electricity sector.
To that end, both parties agree to explore the opportunities of research and development in Abu Dhabi educational & training institutions, especially in ADWEA top priority areas such as energy generation, water desalination, transmission & distribution, environment related issues. Under the MoU, both parties are committed to sufficient spend time & effort to fulfill their obligations, roles & duties.

Source : https://www.adec.ac.ae/en/MediaCenter/News/Pages/ADEC-and-ADWEA-partner.aspx
17th September 2015

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