Our Accreditations & Affiliations.
Please ensure, you have read and understood the following terms and conditions pertaining to Green Membership. Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultants (GCEEC) reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions time to time and also has the right to take appropriate measures to any violators of these terms and conditions.

By becoming a GCEEC Green Member I agree that:-
  1. The decision of joining as a Green Member of GCEEC is my own choice without any influence or compulsion by a third party.
  2. By joining as a Green Member of GCEEC, I have full knowledge of the benefits GCEEC provides to its members. I am also aware GCEEC has the right to change its member benefits from time to time and without the consent of members.
  3. I shall receive a Membership Card from GCEEC when I finish enrollment formalities. It is my duty to secure the membership card in a safe condition. Any damage or loss of the card shall be replaced by GCEEC at applicable re-issuance fee.
  4. The Membership Card is the property of GCEEC and I am obliged to surrender the card up on request by GCEEC at any time. The Membership Card is nontransferable.
  5. I understand that Green Membership program is managed by GCEEC, who dedicate their time and efforts ensure it runs smoothly and effectively. I make reasonable requests occasionally and such requests may be denied by GCEEC based on certain reasons and I shall accept such decisions in good faith.
  6. Being a Green Member, should I have any concerns, I be honest and straight forward to the organization regarding issues and speak to the right person in charge.
Terms and Conditions for Volunteers
  1. By become a volunteer I am dedicating my time purely for the good of the cause, organization or individual in need and have no other intentions of my own.
  2. I volunteer selflessly for the good of others and expect nothing in return from GCEEC, the charity or organization in need or fellow volunteers and anything I receive is an added to what I have signed up for.
  3. I join the GCEEC family agreeably and vow to be friendly, supportive and polite to all my fellow volunteers and others I work together at GCEEC’s events.
  4. I understand that GCEEC is an Organizer of the volunteering is not responsible for any indemnities, claims or damages to any members or third parties in this regard.
Should I see anyone violating any of the above , I will contact the Management of GCEEC, Abu Dhabi, either by E-mail, in  via phone in confidence and highlight the matter.

Finally, I vow to volunteer with a Smile.

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