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Every year Green Crescent Environmental Engineering Consultant’s (GCEEC) Green Members participate or conduct events to create awareness in our society about various subjects like Environmental Protection, Waste Management, Health and Safety in the middle east.—and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteers.

Whether it’s manning a cheering point, helping to manage the start area, or guiding participants, event play a vital role in making events happen.

And once you’re in as a volunteer it’s easy to get hooked. For some people it’s the excitement of event day and meeting new people. For others,  new skills and being ‘behind the scenes’ at Green Crescent offices. But all of our volunteers are passionate about the envrionment and creating in others.   

If you’re interested in opportunities near you read on to find out more and apply.   

What will I be doing?

You may be asked to:

  1. Meet and greet participants and spectators
  2. Help set up and clear down the event  
  3. Support participants as they such as by marshaling,
  4. Cheering or handing out refreshments in the events
  5. Help with administration the events throughout.
  6. Welcome participants for the events and give out certificates, prizes etc..
What skills, experience and attributes do I need?

Along with having great communication and interpersonal skills, we ask that you are:
  1. Flexible and willing to volunteer outdoors
  2. Enthusiastic about the  Green Membership program and helping at events
  3. Willing to work as part of a team.
  4. If you have specific skills and experience that you think might be useful—such as Event Management, using  or leading teams—please let us know when you apply.
Who will I be volunteering with?

You’ll be volunteering as part of a team, making events happen, working with other volunteers and GCEEC employees helping to promote events.

How much time will I be expected to give?

We’ll value any amount of time you can give, whether it’s a couple of hours once a month, or a day a week in the lead up to an event.   

What can I expect from GCEEC?

In return for your valuable help aim to ensure that volunteering for the Green Membership Program is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience. You’ll have support from staff, with the opportunity to gain and develop skills and meet other volunteers. We’ll reimburse out‐of‐pocket expenses—such as bus fares—in accordance with our expenses policy.  

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