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\"Tadweer\" signs agreement to start a master plan for the integrated waste management in Abu Dhabi
Tadweer \"center of waste management-Abu Dhabi\" signed today an agreement with two companies \"Ernst & Young\" waste management \"Vehli Timoney and its partners\" from Ireland to begin the work of building the master plan for the integrated waste management in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi project.

The agreement was signed by H.E Eissa Saif Al Qubaisi, Director General of the recycling and representatives of the two companies .. HE Al Qubaisi said that the project aims to build a road map on the transfer Abu Dhabi from the
Traditional waste management based on production, consumption and the damage model to the evolving model based on circular economy and sustainable and reduce the waste that goes to landfills by 75% , and through the development of integrated management of waste from the source to the landfill

He added in a press conference held after the signing of the agreement in the presence of representatives of a number
 of Arab and foreign newspapers in the country .. The project aims to develop the emirate of Abu Dhabi in the ranks of
 global cities in the adoption of waste management strategies and the development of sustainable resource policies

.. He pointed out that implementation of the project will be accompanied by the launch of a comprehensive public information
 and awareness campaign in order to facilitate communication with the groups involved in the project to ensure effective 
involvement in the stages of implementation.

He said the master plan for waste management is a cornerstone in achieving waste management strategy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,
where the objectives of the project will provide an integrated action methodology based on the understanding of the desirable 
requirements at the policy level and relevant legislation and also Working-level organizational and procedural mechanisms between government institutions in the emirate.

He pointed out that the project will include the evaluation and review of the current performance of the different activities in the
 field of waste management in the emirate in order to provide developmental recommendations notably how to develop a tariff system and the performance of the current waste management licenses as well as to determine the necessary requirements to achieve the desired goals.

He added that this step comes in the framework of the ongoing efforts of the center, which runs from the goals and vision of Abu Dhabi 2030 .. He pointed out that the center is progressing rapidly and fixed to improve performance and access to ultra-modern development system in line with the best international standards Adopted in the field of sustainable waste management and treatment .. stressing confidence in the environmental, social and economic benefits that will come from the outputs of this project.

Al Qubaisi called for community participation in order to reach positive results on how to deal with the waste through a plan to educate the members of the community to gain access to the waste sector to the desired level starting from young people in school and access to work environment and houses to achieve the goal of the center which is \"How do we have a sense of awareness about how to deal with waste.\"

Source : http://licensing.tadweer.ae/en/MediaCenter/News//Pages/Tadweer-agreement.aspx
17th September 2015

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